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With mtgFIT, you get a custom game plan to improve your financial health.....

How We Help

Meet Your New Financial Fitness Coach

Depending on where you are and what your goals are, mtgFIT will give a 360-degree plan to help you achieve mortgage fitness.

From credit and debt repair to financial and real estate investment education, you’ll get a complete roadmap to qualify for your ideal mortgage.


See What Your Life Can Look Like

With mtgFIT, it’s not just about getting financially fit. It’s about living life on your terms.


Eliminate debt and better your credit. We’ll show you how to start thriving by paying down your debts, allocating your assets, and mapping out your monthly credit payments. By following the steps we lay out, you’ll see your financial life turn around.

No worrying about mortgage payments

With mtgFIT, you’ll qualify for a mortgage that works with you, not against you. Whether you’re a first or second time buyer, or a veteran investor, you’ll understand mortgage lenders on a deeper level, so you can make a sound decision. Plus, you’ll connected with vetted finance and real estate professionals who can help you out.

Clarity to meet your long-term goals

When you discover our financial and real estate investment education resources, you’ll get the insight and understanding you need — not just for the next step in your home ownership journey, but the ones after that.

Our Proven Process

When you go in to see a quality personal trainer, you know you’re getting a personalized plan adjusted to every inch of your physical fitness. At mtgFit, we look at your finances in the same way. Discover the custom process that's guaranteed to strengthen your financial muscle.


Discuss Your Goals

Whether you’re under contract and scheduled to close or still under a lease in a rental, it doesn’t matter. The sooner we know your ambitions, the better we can help you get there.


Get Your Regimen

Together, we’ll shape up your financial situation to get you in prime condition for a mortgage. You’ll also have access to our network of financial professionals in the meantime.


Explore Your Options

With mtgFit, you’ll get custom-fit mortgage options to select from. Whether you’d rather pay higher insurance and put less down, or pay more upfront for lower insurance rates — these are just a few to name.


Qualify for Your Custom Mortgage

The moment has finally arrived. You’ll now be ready to make an offer on that property you’ve been eyeing.

Hear from Clients Who've Strengthened Their Financial Muscle

We've helped countless households achieve, sustain, and grow in mortgage fitness. See what they have to say.

Zac met all my expectations in making my refinance efficient and simple as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone considering the same.

Jerry C

Jan 18, 2021

Zack is one of the best people to work with in the loan process. He takes the time to understand the needs of his clients. His very knowledgeable and pro at his profession. He provides clear concise options with great customer service and care.


Dec 21, 2020

Responsive and patient! Good communication and great team. Title company opted not to have him attend due to cover so the communication very vital. We will recommend for sure.

Sharon S

Oct 06, 2020

Thank you Zac! You made home purchasing a breeze!

Roy B

Aug 22, 2020

Zac was very professional throughout my home loan process. I especially appreciated him walking me through all the aspects, in detail, of my loan numbers and what they really mean. This was my first individual home loan and the process went smoother because of Zac.

Jana G

Oct 27, 2018

I had an excellent experience buying my first home. Zac was fantastic! His ability to explain the world of mortgages to someone who had no experience with them was incredibly helpful and stress reducing. I would absolutely recommend Zac to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage.

Marika R

Jul 10, 2018

My experience buying a condo was a very smooth, easy experience. Zac DeBrun was in contact to guide me through every step. He made the process very easy for me. We also closed in about 30 days! Zac was so professional while always presenting the information with such a happy, helpful personality which also added to the pleasure of dealing with Guild.

Jacalyn D

Mar 20, 2017

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